10 August 2011

how to wear Nikes in public

About a month ago I got a stress fracture in my left foot and since then wearing anything but Nikes makes me want to immediately sit down on a curb and rock back and forth. Normally, I'd rather take a bath in a vat of acid than wear sneakers in public, but since the alternative to adopting athletic footwear is sitting alone in my empty apartment, I've had to do my best at incorporating them into my outfits.

I'd like to think that this outfit says something like, "Yeah, I have a closet full of cute shoes at home but I have places to go and furniture to buy and anything but sneakers just slows me down." Umm, that's what you got, right?

There are going to be lots of mirror pics until I manage to make some friends who don't think that blogging is a bizarre hobby!


  1. Could you do an update on how no-shampoo hair is going? Your bun is looking very cute!

  2. Maggie - I've got on my to-do list! Look for it later this week!

  3. totally feel you! working long days on my feet and then having to run errands all over nyc-had to break down and wear nikes this weekend with regular clothes. so wrong. it made a little part of my fashionable heart die....
    kitty clotheshorse

  4. This is such an adorable & chic look. I'm loving your striped blazer, and the bun is SO cute!! Loving that computer desk as well, looks fantastic in your space. xo veronika

  5. hey girllll
    you are too cute! I just found your site, but I love it already. J.Crew AND Zara? let's be friends. And I'm from middle of cornfield, Illinois too!!....isn't it FLAT?! But for real...you're like my online blogger twin :)
    xo, Angie

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  7. You look adorable! And I've been taking tripod pics like crazy since I've moved to SF until I find friends who don't think blogging is crazy too :) lol

  8. Haha I know what you mean about friends thinking that blogging is a bizzare hobby. The looks on their faces! :D

    And you're doing a great job at making Nikes look cute! You should see about getting a sponsorship for them. It would be great PR for them....stylish and helpful physically.


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