16 August 2011

Lily's photo shoot

One of my mom's friends and I have become Twitter buds (that's normal, right?), and after realizing that we're both repulsed by boring posed photography, we decided to have a little photo shoot one evening with her daughter Lily. (yep, Lily blogs. love it.) 

We drove around with no real plan, pulling over to take walks through muddy cornfields and jump around in puddles. There wasn't one white shirt/khaki pant outfit to be found, and not once did Lily's mom suggest we do the ubiquitous laying on stomach in grass with hands under chin pose. Success! Isn't Lily cute? I'm loving how these turned out!

If you live in the Bay area and want some pics of your kids/dogs/self for a special occasion or just for fun, shoot me an email! 


  1. What an adorable little girl! Can't believe she has a blog!!!! Crazy! Love the non-photoshoot photos. ;-)

  2. Such an expressive, fresh, darling face on a full-of-life little girl!

  3. She is so adorable. Love the first photograph. Sort of priceless that she has a blog hahah.

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  4. I get my looks from my cat Figo. Thanks for taking my picture. It was so fun.


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