15 August 2011

peacock-y velvet sofa

Life goal of owning a velvet couch: check. 

I got amazingly lucky on my hunt to find a sofa. I had been to dozens of furniture stores, but everything was either waaay too big, waaay out of my price range, really ugly, really uncomfortable, or some combination of the four. Then I found this flawless floor sample at Therapy - the color is incredible and I didn't have to wait for 8 weeks for it to come in! Win!

The pillow was an impulse purchase on Overstock.com. It's a little shameful to have a Jonathan Adler wannabe (kind of makes me feel like I'm carrying a vinyl "Louis Vuitton" bag on my shoulder), but it's cute enough to keep around until I get crafty and sew some replacements.


  1. Lovesit :-D It not only looks chic but pretty comfy!

    Relatable Style

  2. Love the couch! So much character.

  3. i just caught up on all your moving/settling in posts! your apt puts mine to shame, ha! however ... my rent is only $250/month (split) ... so i probably shouldnt complain too much!

    what are you doing in SF?!

    ALSO that pillow + couch combo is awesome!

  4. Lexie - I won't say exactly how much my rent is, but let's just say it's more than a few times what yours is. SO ridic.

    I'm not sure what my company's policy is on social media, so for now I'll just say that I'm working for a retailer. You'll probably be able to guess which one once I get my corporate discount and start stocking up on clothes...

  5. ooohhhh. my word. a new life goal has been made!

  6. hmm .. trying to think of which retailer is based out of SF. either way, congratulations, of course!

  7. What made you decide to move to SF? I've been reading you for a few months now, but I think I might have missed the post of why.


  8. Hi Kat - Most of the people who blog at the company that I'm now working at don't reveal much, so I'm going to follow suit, but check out my comment above for a little bit more info!

  9. couch is AH-mazing. I am a jealous girl!

    undeniable style


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