04 August 2011

a plea to Amtrak + my cute new apartment

So, I have a funny little story. Last Saturday I went to the Amtrak station in Chicago and dropped off everything I own, neatly packed into 27 labeled boxes. I loaded them onto two wooden pallets before they were supposedly shrink-wrapped and put onto a train to meet me in San Francisco. The guy in charge of shipping said that they'd arrive in California "On Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest." 

Well, it's Thursday and there's no sign of any of my boxes. Before my inflatable mattress arrived on Tuesday I took a nap on a hardwood floor. Definitely a low point.

Today I wanted to have some peanut butter on a piece of bread for breakfast, but then I realized that I didn't have a knife, or any utensils for that matter, to spread it. 

Last night I had to use a towel as a blanket and woke up at 5:30am because I was so cold.

Tomorrow is the last day that I'll be able to put on a clean pair of underwear in the morning. 

Amtrack, if you're reading this, HURRY UP AND GET ME MY STUFF.

(Nothing says "I'm a grown up now!" like Hello Kitty duct tape. A nice way to make my boxes easy to spot if I ever get to go pick them up, right?)

Anyway, now that we got all of that grumbling out of the way, can we talk for just a second about how cute my new apartment is??

It's 250 sq ft and I'm paying an ABSURD amount of money for it (fun fact: my monthly rent is more than my parent's mortgage payment, and their kitchen is bigger than my entire apartment).  BUT, I'm dying over the built-ins, the big windows and the hardwood floors. 

I've been drooling over lamps and side tables and gallery walls since I was in middle school (Trading Spaces was like crack to my 13 year old self), but now I finally have a reason to buy furniture! Stay tuned for some fun decorating updates!


  1. That sounds AWFUL & I hope it all works itself out soon, but on the positive side, your apartment is gorgeous in those pictures!

  2. Love the built-ins and bay windows in SF. Up in North Beach we have the cutest buffet in the kitchen! Good luck getting your stuff. I'm sure it will come quickly.

  3. i'd say it's worth it! you're in sf in your own apartment?! girl, you are living my dreams. and you have hello kitty duct tape?! i am about 65% more envious of your life :)

  4. Ok that story about how all your boxes haven't arrives gives me chills! I have faith though that they will come. The apartment looks so beautiful! My cousins mortgage in florida is less than my rent for my stuido apartment in nyc. Un real.

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  5. Crossing my fingers for a swift arrival of your bits and bobs :) Your new home looks lovely!

  6. Wow, that sounds terrible, I hope your things arrive soon! I'm so envious of your move to SF, I love it there, and of all that beautiful natural light in your new apartment.

  7. Oh my goodness! Could your space be any cuter? I'm so happy for you, enjoy this new chapter of your life!

  8. congrats on the new place! looks very cute. can't wait to see the way you decorate it! wish i could find a 250 sq ft place for an insane amount here in nyc...i'm dying to live alone again and decorate!

  9. oooh ooooh that looks absolutely adorable! I want :(

  10. holy crap. that apartment is UNREAL.

  11. You are so smart with those labels and easy-to-spot Kitties. I can totally relate to the sticket shock of one's first apartment, but I have to agree. Yours is diamond in the rough. (Oh, and word up to Trading Spaces/circa 2000.)


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