07 August 2011

28 boxes

I got on the phone yesterday morning ready to get nasty with the Amtrak people, and as soon as I started in on my tirade, the woman on the phone said "Ohhhh! I was gonna call you this afternoon! I was just giving you folks a chance to sleep in." Uh, sleeping in isn't really an option when your only blanket is a towel, lady! 

Anyway, all of my boxes arrived and nothing was broken in the process! See the cake plate in the picture? It belonged to my great-aunt and it's going to be perfect for setting jewelry on. 

Coming tomorrow: pictures of the table that popped my inflatable mattress.


  1. YAY! So glad your things came. I would have been pretty cranky if that would have happened to me :D But now comes the joy of unpacking! I love decorating new places.

  2. hahahaha d'awwww. poor air mattress. once again, incredibly jealous. i love your little built in hutch!

  3. Awww I know how it is to have a popped air mattress...I had to live on one for 5 months until I finally got my own mattress and let me tell you- the first night of sleep on the real one was absolute heaven.

    Also, I would have never have thought of using Amtrak to ship boxes...I may be moving to Portland next year for graduate school, so I might have to (cross my fingers and hope that they don't delay the shipment of boxes) utilize that!

  4. Congrats on getting your boxes! I bet that feels like a huge weight off your shoulders. And now for the best part of moving - re-organizing/re-decorating all your stuff! :) Have a blast!


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