12 September 2011

cheap decor - more masking tape projects!

I can't use nails to hang anything on the plaster walls of my apartment, so I've been busy devising alternate solutions that steer me away from that unfortunate generic Pottery Barn look.

Like my little inspiration wall? I used this tape to hang some of my favorite prints. It peels right off the paper and wall, so it'll be easy to change and add new pieces! 

I like to think that this stripe wall was one of the best ideas I've ever had. It's like wearing costume jewelry with a t-shirt and jeans - it takes the look to a whole new level.

Wouldn't it be fun to do this project in a kid's room using yellow tape?? (I used the same masking tape as in this project.)

Aaand, I hung some BIG prints in my living room recently - pics coming later this week!


  1. Looking good! Dying over the art wall. I swear you are the next Martha! xx

  2. haha love the purses above the stove. The tape idea is so great.


  3. Gosh you're so good... also love the pails! Too cute.

  4. So smart of you. Is it bad that allllmost as much as the tape, I love those buckets?! I am digging the white borders around some of those pieces as well.

  5. this is soo cool & I LOVE Carrie Bradshaw!! your blog is so refreshing & I might be contacting you soon for some design assistance L)


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