06 October 2011

pre-sweatpants MySpace pic

Tina Fey said that when she turned forty she started feeling the need to take her pants off immediately when she got home from work. I started feeling like that at the ripe age of 22. Yesterday I was able to ignore the little voice in my head that yells at me to hurry up and put on sweatpants for long enough to take a MySpace pic in front of my closet mirror. 

(Banana Republic Factory Store top, J.Crew skirt, unknown scarf)

Yep, I wore a pink skirt with a purple top to work. And I listened to Taylor Swift on my commute. I refuse to fully transition into adulthood even though I have a 401k and a 9:30pm bedtime.


  1. I feel you girl, I have to take my outfit photos in the morning because there is no way I'll feel like doing it when I get home and all I want to do is put on a sweatshirt! Such a cute outfit though, love the brights!!

  2. Love your outfit, love that leopard print scarf peeking out of the corner of the pic even more.

  3. Love the mix of colors. And I take off my pants immediately when I get home as well. That's life.

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  4. Great colors! And your scarf is so cute!

  5. perfect. i want this whole post written on a t shirt for me to wear. although i'm pretty sure the string of children's storybook related t shirts that i just ordered will give off the same message too.

  6. I do the same thing!! Sweats on immediately when I get home. I'm glad I'm not the only old woman in a early 20-year-old's body.

  7. Soooo cute! Loving the colour combo :)


  8. I think Taylor Swift transcends any age. Especially when you look so cute!

  9. haha, every night like clock work I want to take my pants off immediately after work. you know you're old when.....


  10. Hello, I just started following and wanted to say, I am loving your blog. Its adorable and your 'about me' section is fantastic!

    Stay Stylish!


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