13 November 2011

good morning.

Morning has always been my favorite time of day. Lately I've been winning my daily battle against the snooze button to make time for tea-drinking and book-reading before heading to work. 

Not racing the clock to get out the door has been such a nice change.


  1. Ooh jealous. I've never been a morning person, instead I feel weird when I have to work early (like today) all day after that, even if I've slept enough beforehand. I totally see the appeal, I just never seem to be awake enough to enjoy it, too ;-)

  2. Love these photos-- I wish I had the strength to avoid the snooze button and relax a little more in the morning! But I guess that's what my Sunday mornings are for :)

  3. You take lovely photos! Your bed looks very cozy, I'm sure it's hard to get out of it in the mornings =p

  4. Good for you! I'm trying to get that motivation to get up in the morning and do a little om stretch. So far it ain't happenin'.

  5. I'm jealous. Every morning I wish I could peel myself out of bed early and catch up on personal stuff.

    What book are you reading??


  6. Ahh, a snooze button.. I wish I could hit it. That bedding looks oh so comfy!

  7. Jillian - I'm reading The Optimism Bias. I'm loving it so much that I break it out during my lunch hour too!



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