14 January 2013

I love my boots.

I've mentioned before that I dislike how much the blogosphere makes me want more stuff. I like buying things as much as the next girl, but seeing bloggers' lists of "essentials" that include $90 candles and $500 party dresses never fails to make me feel like I'm losing at life.

So, let me introduce my new reoccurring column called "I love my ______." Instead of telling you what new, shiny dress/candle/ring/whatever you MUST go buy (because it's "swooon-worthy!" ugh. worst descriptor ever.), I want to share some of my best clothing investments with you - things that at the time felt like a big splurge, but that I've worn for years and have never regretted purchasing.

First up:

A big snowstorm hit the day of my first-ever big deal job interview in college, and the only thing I had to wear before changing into my heels was a pair of Uggs. A quick trip to the mall yielded these bad boys, which have since gotten me through the past five winters.

These things have only gotten better with age. I'm obsessed with how they wrinkle perfectly around my ankles and how the toe has worn down just a tiiiiny bit. This is probably what the Queen of England wears to feed her sheep in the morning when she's staying at her castle in Scotland, right?

If you're in the market for some investment boots:

one Coach, sale $279  /  two  Madewell, $298  /  three Frye, $428


  1. okay, i LOVE this idea. i get so tired of the constant wishlists! especially because it was JUST CHRISTMAS! anyway, i look forward to more of your posts like this! (and i love those boots!)

  2. this is a great idea! this is actually what I originally started my blog for. my thesis in college was talking about pieces I already had (my was more towards commenting on materialism while obviously this is not) but I had wanted to continue this on my blog and somewhat stopped! I'm definitely trying to bring it back as well. Absolutely love these boots! I saw similar ones from target that I was lusting after myself


  3. I am so glad you're back to blogging - this post is fantastic. Such a great idea, and funny - as usual. I definitely giggled out loud in class at the queen comment ;)


  4. I too feel like I'm supposed to keep up with the Jones' via blogging. There's no way I'd ever buy myself a Diptique candle as those seem to be all the rage. Nice to see a post from you!


  5. I love this idea and definitely agree. So many things in Blogland are just laughably "aspirational," as it were. When we really stop and look around, we should realize that we have all that we really need and probably most of what we want.

    If a $90 candle finds its way into my apartment, it's because somehow Oprah shipped it to me.

    Welcome back to blogging, by the way! I'm down for another Skype date any time.


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