16 October 2009

Britta and I like to have photoshoots

About a week ago B & were in Greenwich and found this tunnel that went underneath the Thames. Much more fun than standing on the prime meridian, which was NOT as exhilarating as all of the Iowans seemed to think it was.

Then we went to Hackney Wick, which is where they're building the Olympic stadium. It's completely barren and will probably scare the hoards of rich Asian tourists to death--good luck getting that ready for 2012. Lots of barbed wire, graffiti, dead rats, etc. Many a cool photo was taken though.

So then we found this frame, which was PERFECT because I had just been talking about how I wanted to walk around the city and take pictures of Big Ben, Peter Pan statue, etc., while holding up a big frame. Thanks to Britta and her editing skills, we have this:

So then we came back to Vandon, I put on my I-want-to-look-like-MKO-nude-waif-wannabe lipstick, and Britta put on her vintage old man hat, and we got this:

Quite an adventurous day, I'd say. Who wants to play photog with me when I get back to B-town?

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