07 May 2010

Intaglio printing

Intaglio involved covering a piece of copper with a hard coating, scratching away parts of the coating to create an image, then submerging the entire copper plate in acid. The acid would then create little divots in the copper where the coating had been removed, and these areas would then hold ink when it came time to print.

Our assignment was to draw a space from life, so I headed my favorite staircase in the Union, which I think looks more like a European castle than a Midwestern university building (although I was reminded that I wasn't in Edinburgh or Windsor every time a sorority girl ranting on her Blackberry walked by me).

I added a little monster and titled it "Night at the Union." Kind of cutesy and kitchy, but I like it.

I was able to squeeze an Intaglio class into my schedule for the fall - can't wait!

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