18 July 2010


At the beginning of the summer the Girard fam decided that Sunday brunch would be our new weekly tradition (best decision ever), so this morning we went to a cute place that's part bookstore, part brunchy restaurant, and has a cute outdoor patio. As if that weren't wholesome enough, we went for a walk along the river afterward. I think this blog should be renamed "Ohmygod My Life is So Wholesome".


  1. OMG! Arlene looks so amazing! She looks really great in the photo with Lynn and the sunglasses give her a hip/but-I'm-not-trying vibe. I love it! Can I come to brunch?

    Big Gay Brunch on Sunday! Please drive down!

  2. And you need to fix the sentence on Arlene's photo, "...before we WENT LEFT the house..."

    Just F.Y.I. - what are friends for?

  3. You're the bestie! Arlene's definitely taking us to brunch when you come, and she made me take out the part about showering because it just drew attention to her hair. :)

    I think Tippy hates me since I didn't text him enough, but you know there's NOTHING I love more than a big gay brunch!!!!!

  4. If you're going to mention the text about my dirty hair, what was the point of the revision?

  5. You talk about this blog as if there are more than 3 people who read it!


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