10 July 2010


A few weeks ago I bought a romper at an obscene price. I hate paying more than Forever 21 prices for trendy things that probably won't be cool in a year, and of course, after a week the zipper broke (ok, I admit that I wore it almost every day that week). So, yesterday I trekked to Jo Ann fabrics and navigated the aisles of Spongebob fleece and duck-shaped buttons until I found a replacement zipper. Arlene and I took the sewing machine out on the deck, replaced the zipper, and now it's as good as new.


  1. OMG! Where are the interesting blog post? How are you going to become a blog celebrity if you only blog once every where 2 weeks!

  2. Sorry honey! Once I am back to my full time job of crafting and cooking I'll be back to my daily posting. When you're helping MB and I decorate our apartment you'll be the star of many posts. :)

  3. I cannot wait until that starts again!


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