02 April 2011

brunching at Frankie's

On the recommendation of Ashley and Aron from Hither and Thither (who I went on an embarrassing fangirl rant about here), my mom and I went to Frankie's 17 for brunch one morning while we were in New York. 

 Madewell top, Ann Taylor Loft sweater jacket, J.Crew jeans and shoes

Like the shameless blog stalkers that we are, we ordered exactly what Aron and Ashley normally do (French toast and an egg sandwich to share), then looked at the door every time it opened to see if it was them walking in.

1. I should probably be embarrassed of this.

2. I should probably get a life outside of the blogosphere.

The food was AMAZING, which led to fantasies of me baking homemade bread to use in a big pan of oven-baked French toast on Sunday mornings. Then I remembered that I have literally 3 feet of counter space and one bowl in this apartment. There's always Denny's...


  1. i LOVE breakfast. this looks sooooooo delicious. also, i love that madewell top!

  2. That breakfast looks amazing and delicious! I really want that striped jacket! So cute.

  3. Love the madewell top and that food looks AMAZING.


  4. Oh hey I've been there! The food really is delicious (:
    And I love your jacket! It's beautiful

  5. You're making me hungry! ;)
    Cute outfit, you're adorable with your dimples :)

  6. I had french toast too, but mine didn't look half as amazing as yours! The Loft seriously has stepped things up lately. I love them!

  7. MG - Seriously! They've gotten away from the boring khaki cargo aesthetic that they were stuck in for so long!

  8. Oh my the food looks delicious. And this on a Sunday evening with nothing edible in the house and all stores closed - that's cruelty ;-) Ok, I'll stop whining, because I actually just wanted to hop over and tell you that I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Come and check it out :-)

  9. Every single picture from your NY trip looks so great. I really enjoy watching at them!! Thanks for sharing.
    Also, your outfits look great as well!!
    Hopefully I'll get to NY any time soon. I've never been... :(



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