24 June 2011

oy. dressing up is hard.

I have a weekend full of wedding festivities planned and I'm realizing that I haven't mastered the art of putting together dressy outfits. If this wedding happened to be at Starbucks I'd be layering like nobody's business and happily hopping around in my leopard pony-hair flats. But when I have to wear a dress sans sweaters, scarves and jackets, I'm lost. Piling on lots of layers is my go-to formula for achieving a spunky look, so when I'm limited to wearing just one piece I don't know what to do! 

After I found appropriate dresses I had to do some shopping for heels. Everything I tried on made me feel like I should have one of my legs wrapped around a pole. They all seemed to be appropriate for strippers or geriatrics, with not a lot in between. But regardless of my dress and heel woes, I think I found two cute outfits for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Here's one more outfit to tide you over until I post pics next week!

This dress reminds me a bit of a Catholic school uniform but it's made out of an amazing Italian fabric, and I love the little pom pom balls on this scarf! 

Uniqlo dress, random scarf, Nine West shoes

Aaand, I think this is the first time in blog history that I'm wearing heels! Woo! (here are my thoughts on heels, if you missed it)


  1. Hahah GO HEELS. I'm not much of a heels person either, but you're totally ROCKING THEM. I love the POP they add to your outfit.

    And eeek. Your scarf is way cute. I love the pom poms SO MUCH. They remind me of little bunnies are something. How cute is THAT? So cute!


  2. ooooooh so cute! i wish i put something as cute as this for my cousin's wedding, instead i succumbed to the stein mart sales racks.

  3. cute! and as for the layering...if it gets cold, you can always opt for the cardigan!! :))

  4. Love this outfit! The pop of blue in the heels is perfect.


  5. my god you look wonderful!
    the shoes! the dress! the scarf! ;) you have mastered this. ;) i love it!

  6. those heels are FANTASTIC! and i love the dress ... such a chic look!

  7. ah i love little poof balls! and your shoes are so unexpected in a fantastic way, with this outfit. lovely!

    :) christen @ fromthewoods.blogspot.com


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