21 July 2011

meet Jessi of Autumn Lynn Designs

Jessi and I met when she started cutting my hair in high school. She was (and is) the only hair stylist I've ever trusted enough to walk in and say "do whatever you want". She saved me from the 90's mom hair I had when I was 16 (you all know what I mean - awkward bangs, triangle shaped) and when my mom was barreling down the highway at full speed towards Mulletville, Jessi was the one who intervened. This woman is a savior. 

Last year when she started a hair accessory business she hired me as the photographer (remember this awesome photo shoot?) and website-builder. She makes amazing fabric hair pieces that go with everything from a cardigan and jeans (I love this one) to wedding gowns (like the one below, which can also be worn as a belt). 

She uses beautiful fabrics and vintage brooches, and can also do custom pieces if you have something specific in mind! See her Etsy shop, website and Facebook page for more info! 

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Those headbands are so pretty, I especially love the one she's wearing in the pictures on your post.


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